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Car Acoustic Test Chamber

Car Acoustic Test Chamber
Acoustic performance 1. Semi Anechoic chamber ’s current situation of ambient noise. Environmental noise around the Anechoic chamber ≤60DB(A/B/C) 2.The interior of the background noise values: In the normal operation of the plant and the normal production condition, not abnormal interference(such as the ground, pile driving, shock),the background noise≤25DB(A). 3.Sound insulation index: To ensure that the background noise ≤25dB(A),it is required that the sound insulation capacity of the envelope, roof, door, ventilation and other enclosures in the entire anechoic chamber be Lp≥35 dB (A)
Product Details:

Car Acoustic Test Chamber

Our semi-anechoic chamber structure is designed in accordance with the international standard ISO3745Acoustics–Determination of sound power levels of noise sources-----Precision methods for Anechoic and semi–Anechoic rooms, ISO7779Equipment sound measuring standard.and GB/T6882 AcousticsDetermination of sound power of noise source :Anechoic and semi Anechoic room precision method.



1. Outdoor noise value70DB(A/B/C)

2. Indoor noise value:≤25dBA

3. Outdoor size10560L×8560W×5400H(mm)

4. Indoor size8000L×6000W×3500H(mm)

5. Wedge size400L*400W*680H(mm)

6. Total covering area: 297

7.Payment term: 50% deposit after signing contract30% before shipment, balance(20%) once passing 3rd party test/acceptance.

8. Leadtime: totally 55days(10days for materials preparing & processing, 45days for installation)



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