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Foam Acoustic Music Practice Play Drum Room Soundproof Booth

Foam Acoustic Music Practice Play Drum Room Soundproof Booth
In the listening test, listening room can provide an ideal listening environment. According to the different testing methods, listening room acoustics indicators to meet the national standards and screening requirements Audiometric testing room for hearing is divided into mobile and stationary.Mobile audiometry room is a small-size integrated room that dedicated for hearing aid fitting mechanism. it has scroll hell, so it’s convenient to move. Applicable For small and medium size of hearing aid fitting.
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Dongguan Jinghuan Enviromnet Equipment Co., Ltd was established as a general taxpayer qualification in 2012. Jinghuan had the honor to serve some famous companies such as Toshiba, Toyota, Panasonic through the 15 years experience in this field.

Covers an area of 5000 square meters, is a high-tech enterprise which offers comprehensive services in sound insulation and noise elimination. We create equipment that makes environments optimized under industrial, architecture and medical treatment field. In this entire industry, our name has been highly reckoned as one of the eminent manufacturers and suppliers in China. 



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