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Sound Isolation Chamber Production Line Hot Sale In China

Sound Isolation Chamber Production Line Hot Sale In China
Product overview The production line static sound box is a kind of sound insulation testing device which is designed for the product manufacturing workshop with test requirements. Through the acoustic processing, the quiet sound box is a small low noise box.It can test the small products, such as sound, instruments, etc.. The static sound box is mainly designed and produced by the sound environment and detection process.
Product Details:

The characteristics of the product 

1. The combination of design is easy to install and remove;
2.  Fire prevention, heat resistance,strong and durable and applicable to both inside and outside the room;
3. It can satisfy the need of ventilation, lighting, etc(according to user requirements with air conditioning);
4,.Beautiful appearance, color can be chosen;
5.With high effect of sound absorption and sound insulation;

6. Mobile, high flexibility.

7.First products from the pipeline inlet end into the quiet box for testing. Then the product is removed from the exit end after the completion of the test. Finally complete the test. 




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