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How do I choose a soundproof door making material?
Sep 28, 2017

Frist,Soundproof door door filling material selection: the general door filled with glass cloth in the middle of glass wool fiber or rock wool products, the bulk density control in the 80-100Kg / m3 within the specific by the noise door manufacturers according to the volume and Fire protection requirements.

Second, the choice of seal: noise door seal is generally used EPDM rubber products.

Third, the choice of doors:

The door of the door and the panel material are divided into six types:

1, steel skeleton, cold-rolled steel panel (no door frame);

2, steel skeleton, cold-rolled steel panel (with door frame);

3, light steel keel skeleton, color steel panel;

4, light steel keel skeleton, cold-rolled steel plate panel;

5, light steel keel skeleton, electro - galvanized steel panel;

6, wood skeleton, leather soft panel; in general, the first five types of fireproof noise doors, in the choice, should indicate the noise level of fire doors and doors outside the material requirements.