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Noise control of the basic technology of the muffler
Sep 28, 2017

Muffler: muffler from two aspects: First, from the equipment itself to take measures to weaken the sound, such as the use of equipment to install vibration damping devices (such as rubber shock absorbers, spring shock absorbers, metal hoses, rubber Flexible pipe, etc. - the principle: by reducing the vibration of the device to weaken the noise generated), to reduce the vibration of the device. Second, the porous sound-absorbing material fixed in the air flow channel wall, or in a certain way fixed in the pipeline, when the sound to a weakened to achieve the purpose of weakening aerodynamic noise.

Muffler: It is a device that allows the airflow to pass smoothly and can effectively reduce noise, or that the muffler is an airflow pipe with a sound absorbing lining or a special structural form that can effectively reduce noise.

Muffler classification: With the continuous development of muffler research and application technology, muffler various types are also increasingly numerous, its principles, forms, specifications, materials, performance and use of different, common a variety of different muffler are basically Belonging to the four types of resistive, resistant, compound and venting.

1 resistive muffler: Resistive muffler is the use of air flow within the different forms of porous sound absorption material to absorb sound energy, reduce the noise of the muffler.

2 resistance muffler: resistance muffler is through the pipeline acoustic characteristics of the mutation at the part of the acoustic reflection of the direction of the sound source to achieve the purpose of silencer silencer, mainly for reducing the low frequency and low frequency band noise.

3 composite muffler: composite muffler is the resistance and resistance of different muffler combination design that constitutes a composite muffler, such as Yin anti-composite muffler, resistance resonance compound muffler and so on.

4 Emptying Muffler: An effective muffler designed to reduce and control exhaust venting noise that can be used to reduce the high levels of high pressure, high temperature and high velocity exhaust emissions from industrial, petroleum, metallurgical, and power sectors Strength noise. (Emission noise is also an important noise source in industrial production. It has the characteristics of large noise intensity, wide spectrum, large pollution hazard range and high temperature and high speed airflow discharge.