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Non - specific effect of noise
Sep 28, 2017

(1) the interference of sleep, rest. Noise can affect people's sleep quality, strong noise and even people can not sleep, upset or make people dream, wake up, and the elderly and the patient more sensitive to noise interference.

(2) the impact on the psychological. The psychological effects of noise are mainly troubles, irritation, irritability, and even loss of reason. Noise is also easy to make people tired, so often affect the concentration of energy and work efficiency, especially for some non-repetitive action of the workers, the impact is more obvious. Noise masking effect, often cover some of the dangerous signal of the sound alarm, so noisy construction area or production site prone to work accident.

(3) the effect of noise on the fetus and the child. Studies have shown that noise can cause stress in the mother, causing uterine vasoconstriction, resulting in the supply of fetal development necessary nutrients and oxygen. Noise also affects the weight of the fetus. In addition, because the child development is not yet mature, the organization and organs are very delicate and fragile, whether it is the body of the fetus or just born baby, noise can damage the hearing organs, so that hearing loss or loss. Noise also affects the intellectual development of children, a survey shows that noisy environment, children's mental development than the quiet environment in the low 20%.

(4) the impact on women's health. Noise on women's menstrual function will have an impact, often manifested as abnormal cycle (irregular cycle), menstrual extension, abnormal blood volume (more blood than the amount of blood loss), dysmenorrhea and so on. When the female exposure to high-intensity noise, especially in contact with more than 100dB intensity of noise, the incidence of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome can be significantly increased. Pregnant women with long-term exposure to noise, giving birth to low birth weight increased incidence of congenital malformations of the nervous system may also have mild effects.