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Semi-anechoic room
Dec 25, 2018

Example application – diffuser scattering

The standard method for testing room acoustic diffusion coefficients was developed as part of a research project at Salford. The most efficient method is done in a semi-anechoic chamber with all the microphones, the loudspeaker and diffuser sample placed on the hard floor in a boundary plane measurement. The absorbent walls and ceiling then prevent unwanted reflections. The room is quiet so background noise doesn’t affect measurement accuracy.

Example application – public engagement

Television has always enjoyed filming in our anechoic chambers. Our first chamber was used as a mock up of a torture chamber for  TV, and more recently,Producers like the anechoic chamber, but often use the semi-anechoic because of problems setting up equipment on a trampoline floor. We filmed high speed footage of acoustic phenomena in this room, and have used it to make videos for use in classrooms. 

Vital statistics

Background noise level 3.8dBA
Working volume 4.2m x 3.3m x 3.0m
Cut-off frequency 250Hz

Tests and standards

Sound power level measurement to BS ISO 3744 / ISO 3745


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