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The basic way of noise control
Sep 28, 2017

● Control the noise source

Reduce the sound source noise, industry, transportation can choose low noise production equipment and improve the production process, or change the noise source movement (such as damping, vibration and other measures to reduce the vibration of solid body).

● Block noise propagation

In the acoustic way to reduce noise, control the spread of noise, change the sound source has been issued by the noise transmission, such as the use of sound-absorbing, noise, sound barrier, vibration isolation and other measures, and rational planning of urban and architectural layout.

• Reduces noise in the human ear

The noise of the speaker or the sound organ, the sound source and the means of transmission can not take measures, or the acoustics measures still can not achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to take the sound or the organ to take protective measures, such as long-term Occupational noise Exposure workers can wear earplugs, ear caps or helmets and other ear protectors.