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The noise was used as a penalty
Sep 28, 2017

During the Second World War, some countries used noise to torture prisoners of war, they use the tweeter to target enemy spies, when the sound is unbearable, the torturers have heartache, mood irritability, thinking difficulties and so on. So the interrogator can set out some information from it, if not, then increase the loudness,

When the sound of more than 130 decibels, the torturer, the body cramps, loudly call, many people hit the wall suicide, or eardrum rupture and fainted.

Many prisoners said after accepting the penalty: would rather kill him and would not be willing to be a "noise sentence." [1]

Terrible noise experiment

In foreign countries, there is a real case: there are ten people who volunteer to experiment for a bonus, each holding their ears, standing in a row, letting a supersonic plane fly over their heads - and then , The tragedy occurred, the life of these ten people are over, we can see the terrible noise!

In ancient China there is a "bell under the punishment", that is, let the prisoners standing under the clock, and then Meng Da Deng, with noise will death to death.