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The three biggest hazards of noise
Sep 28, 2017

1 sleep disturbance

Humans have nearly one-third of the time spent in sleep. Sleep is an important condition for mankind to eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength and maintain health. But the ambient noise will make people can not sleep or be awakened, in this regard, the elderly and the patient is more sensitive to noise interference. When sleep is disturbed, work efficiency and health will be affected. The results show that continuous noise can speed up the sleepy sleepy slewing, make people dream, and make the time to sleep short; sudden noise can make people awake.

2 impede communication

The effect of noise on language communication comes from the impact of noise on hearing. This effect, ranging from reducing the efficiency of communication, while the damage to people's language hearing. Studies have shown that 30 dB or less belong to a very quiet environment, such as the studio, hospitals, etc. should meet this condition. 40 dB is the normal environment, such as the general office should maintain this level.

3 ears hearing damage

When people are exposed to a noisy environment, the ear will cause short-term hearing loss even when they leave the noise environment, but when they return to a quiet environment, they can be restored in a short time. This phenomenon is called auditory adaptation. If you work for a long time without protection in a strong noise environment, the recovery of hearing sensitivity will be prolonged after leaving the noisy environment. After several hours or ten hours, the hearing can be restored. This loss of hearing loss can be called auditory fatigue. With the increase in hearing loss will cause hearing function recovery is incomplete. Therefore, the prevention of noise deafness first to prevent the occurrence of fatigue. Under normal circumstances, 85 dB below the noise will not harm the hearing, and 85 dB or more may be dangerous. Statistics show that long-term work in 90 dB above the noise environment, the incidence of deafness increased significantly.