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What is the main purpose of the enclosure?
Sep 28, 2017

The noise shield is a kind of noise control measures that use noise-proof parts to cover the noise source in a small space, so that the noise is rarely transmitted. The shape of the enclosure is often designed to approach the contour of the sound source and to be as close as possible to the sound source to reduce its size and reduce the cost. The application of sound-absorbing enclosures is quite wide, fans, pumps and other sound source equipment, and so many sound source will be applied to this sound insulation products. Its main design principle is from the sound wave propagation path to the effective control of the noise source. Due to the external dimensions of each sound source device, the requirements for ventilation and cooling are different, so it is often necessary to design and manufacture according to the scene sound source.

In order to ensure adequate sound insulation, noise enclosures generally use 0.5-2mm galvanized steel, aluminum and other metal materials, sometimes in the wall will also require coating 3-5mm damping coating material to reduce the resonance of these metal walls or Wave phenomenon; and in the wall of the enclosure is mostly perforated plate covering sound-absorbing material structure, or directly paste some of the fat-absorbing material. Structure The effect of the noise shield is to enclose the noise source in a small space to reduce its external radiation noise. Therefore, the overall structure of the noise shield must be designed according to the structure of the sound source device, and there is no particularly fixed shape or structure.

Generally need to design the use of light weight, good sound insulation performance of the composite structure, noise enclosures must also be attached to the sound absorption coefficient of high sound absorption lining and so on!

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