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White Noise
Sep 28, 2017

Is a stochastic or stochastic process with a power spectral density constant. That is, the power of this signal in each band is the same.

If you are a musician, the frequency of playing on the middle C is about 261.6 Hz. White noise is the noise of the human ear at all frequencies of equal volume, from low to high frequencies. If you use the band for example, white noise is like a very large band, each person playing the tone slightly different.

You are awakened by the noise in the night, causing you to wake up the reason is not noise, but the sudden changes in sound let you wake up. White noise can create a mask effect, the environment awakened in the mild sleep of the sudden changes in the sound block. "Simply speaking, hearing is still working while people are sleeping," says neuroscientist Seth S. Horowitz, who has a book "Awareness: How to Shape Thinking".

"This explains why most people prefer to listen to the voice of the partner's continuous positive pressure ventilation device and do not want to listen to the increasing diminishing snoring of the spouse." Clete A. Kushida, director of the Human Sleep Research at Stanford Center, "Popular Science" in an e-mail so explained.