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Four Soundproof Doors To Buy Skills
Sep 28, 2017

1, look at weight

The density of the sound insulation material and the sound quality of the sound barrier has a great relationship, in general, the density of the sound insulation will be better, like the hollow door on the market if the middle plus noise cotton, then its sound insulation effect than the solid wood Even better.

2, look at the thickness

The thicker the surface layer is, the better the sound insulation is. Now on the market a lot of surface layer thickness of about 8mm or so. And the thicker the surface layer, the better the flatness, but the cost is relatively high.

3, see flatness

In general, the more gentle doors, the combination with the same door with the better. But in the purchase, as long as the wooden door deformation, then do not buy, otherwise it will affect the door sound insulation effect.

4, select the sound barrier door skills

The quality of the door panel is related to the effect of the sound barrier, but also depends mainly on the filling of the door core. In general, the honeycomb structure of the filling method, it formed a closed air layer has a good sound insulation effect.