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Generator Sound Shield
Sep 28, 2017

Is the use of vibration isolation, noise, noise, damping, sound absorption, ventilation and other measures to control the generator noise of a device, mainly used in industrial plants and other places, is the main means of governance generator noise.

Construction of the generator enclosure:

1, the generator insulation cover is made of thin metal plate, the thickness is generally 2-3mm, covered with a layer of damping layer to prevent the plate anastomosis and the board of low-frequency resonance.

2, the shell can be used wood or plastic plate, light insulation structure can be used aluminum, high power generator cover can be used double shell, the inner layer is thinner than the outer layer, the distance between the two layers in the 6-10mm, Filled with porous sound-absorbing material.

3, the cover of the inside of the additional sound-absorbing material to absorb the sound and reduce the noise inside the cavity, in this layer of sound-absorbing material and then covered with a layer of perforated panels, perforated area of about 20% -30% of the face area.

4, cover and machine, cover and foundation between the rubber pad, to prevent the transmission of vibration.

5, the installation of observation windows to facilitate the observation of data, but the observation window must be sealed.