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How To Distinguish The Sound Quality Of The Soundproof Room?
Sep 28, 2017

As the production environment of fake and soundproof rooms is extremely irregular, so its manufacturing process and product quality is not off, this situation can be seen from the manufacturing process of the soundproof room.

Second, for the use of audio-visual products used in the packaging products can be seen whether the sound insulation products are fake and shoddy products, noise insulation factory above the manufacturer logo is clear and complete the machine is clean and tidy; to pay attention to the noise in the sales channels whether there is a problem, if Is to the regular production of sound insulation room in its purchase, then basically do not buy a problematic sound insulation room, and in some wholesale market place to buy, it is possible to buy shoddy products.

Finally, pay attention to observe the manufacturers of soundproof room technology is mature, technology is not mature that must be in the soundproof room material requirements are certainly not up to the standard. Sound insulation products can not be able to rely on lower costs to win the market, this situation is usually used in low-quality soundproofed room for the production of raw materials, and the sound of the sound insulation products are using high-quality soundproofed room raw materials, only to be able to ensure that soundproof room Of the service life.