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How To Ensure The Sound Insulation Of The Noise Door?
Sep 28, 2017

Soundproof doors are mainly soundproofing, commonly used in audiovisual rooms, studio, conference rooms and other soundproofed rooms. Soundproof doors require sound-absorbing materials made of doors, door with sponge rubber and other materials with elastic sealing.

Soundproof door design, are generally filled with sound-absorbing cotton to keep the noise, but some just use cardboard into the so-called honeycomb structure, on the one hand to increase the strength of the door on the one hand to form a closed air layer for a certain degree Sound insulation. In fact, any material has its sound insulation effect, the more the quality of the heavier objects, the better the sound insulation, which is generally referred to the quality of the law, that is to say for the sound effects you can use 4cm thick plate for the door or In the door to fill the cement to improve the quality in order to improve the sound insulation effect.

In the choice of noise door manufacturers, the need to understand the sound insulation door noise, according to their own economic conditions and the actual needs, the higher the overall volume, the higher the noise door, but the volume should not be less than 30dB. If you are in the environmental noise pollution is serious or the indoor environment is higher, you should also pay attention to the low frequency of doors and windows and the minimum sound insulation sound volume, due to traffic noise concentrated in the low frequency, doors and windows of low frequency sound insulation performance is it The weakest link, is bound to cause low-frequency leakage, the ultimate impact on sound effects.

Sound insulation doors than ordinary doors and windows from the selection to the production process are different, high-volume sound insulation doors and windows used glass, sealing materials, profiles are repeated after repeated tests and testing to shape, the manufacturer should have the production of noise doors Process and engineering performance, if necessary, to visit each other's engineering sample.