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KTV Bar Noise Reduction Project How To Choose Noise Board?
Sep 28, 2017

1, the sound of the wall target. Whether it is a new soundproof wall, or the old wall noise transformation, need a relatively clear sound insulation requirements, that is, the wall volume of the volume need to reach the number of decibels, and then in accordance with the wall noise target to select the economy, the appropriate noise board As well as the development of wall noise protection program.

2, the performance of the noise board whether the test report. Choose one of the most important principles of sound insulation board: whether the noise board has an authoritative test report, if a soundproof board to promote its sound insulation performance is good, but can not provide a formal test report, consumers must worry.

3, the installation of noise board is simple. In order to achieve good sound insulation, noise board installation method must be very simple, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired sound insulation effect.

4, the thickness and weight of the noise board, in order to improve the sound insulation effect, are to increase the thickness and weight of the wall to achieve, this method of course to a certain extent, can improve the sound insulation, but it brings a lot of shortcomings, because according to the physical Law, plate surface density doubled, the sound volume can only be increased by up to 6 dB; the thicker the wall, the more space occupied. Therefore, good sound insulation board is not only sound insulation effect, its thickness and weight must also be moderate.

5, the strength of sound insulation board, waterproof and fire resistance. Improve the wall sound insulation at the same time, we must also pay attention to the wall of some other performance, if the wall needs a higher fire performance, we must buy both sound insulation and fire insulation board.