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Outdoor Noise 5 Teach You How To Use Soundproof Door Sound Insulation
Sep 28, 2017

Many people in order to facilitate the traffic and the house built on the side of the road, or in the town to buy a house, but this way, the noise has become a daily life of a big trouble. Here to teach you 5 soundproof door the best way.

1. Attach the window to the soundproof film

Windows soundproof film is cheaper, usage and mobile phone film the same. Sound insulation film for the multi-layer structure, by the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer will be in the middle of the insulation resin. The entire interlayer is uniformly distributed with fine particles (heat-insulating fine particles) having an insulating effect. When using a soundproof film, the high-performance interlayer sandwiched between the membranes has visible light transmission properties, so that the visible light transmittance of the building is not blocked and a clear line of sight is maintained.

2. Install the window noise seal

Soundproof seal, only for poorly sealed windows. The price is very cheap, but to determine, no noise is not caused by a large gap in the window, or paste it is useless.

3. Add a layer of ordinary plastic window

This way applies to outdoor traffic noise is not particularly serious situation, and the home of the windowsill is relatively wide, you can in the original window inside or outside the installation of a layer of ordinary plastic window. Plastic window to choose a good seal, the gap between the two windows of the best distance of 10 cm or more. The window is better than the sliding window, so the windows are best to choose the flat window.

4. add a layer of noise window

Soundproof windows are generally made of double or three layers of different glass and window frame, the glass used will be thicker than ordinary window glass.

5. Rebuilt windows with soundproof windows

If the home of the windowsill is not wide enough, or that add a layer of noise windows ventilation performance is not good enough, you can also remove the original windows, modified a layer of low-frequency sound insulation window.