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The Advantages Of Soundproof Doors And Windows
Sep 28, 2017

1. Reduce heat conduction

The thermal conductivity is 1.8 ~ 3.5W / m2 · k is much lower than that of ordinary aluminum alloy 140 ~ 170W / m2 · k; its thermal conductivity is 3.17 ~ 3.59W / m2 · k is much lower than that of ordinary aluminum alloy 6.69 ~ 6.84W / m2 k, effectively reducing the heat conduction through the doors and windows.

2. Prevent condensation

The temperature of the inner surface of the profile with the insulating strip is close to the indoor temperature, reducing the possibility of indoor moisture being condensed on the surface of the profile due to supersaturation.

3. Energy saving

In the winter with a heat shield of the window frame can be reduced by 1/3 of the loss of heat through the window frame; in the summer, if there is air conditioning in the case, with a heat shield window frame can reduce energy Loss.

4. Protect the environment

Through the application of thermal insulation system, can reduce the energy consumption, while reducing the air conditioning and heating generated by environmental radiation.

5. healthy

The heat exchanged between the body and the environment depends on the temperature of the room air, the air flow rate and the outdoor air temperature. By adjusting the noise inside the doors and windows room temperature, so that it is not less than 12 ~ 13 ℃, has reached the most comfortable environment.

6. Reduce noise

Can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, to prevent the transmission of sound, can reduce the noise above 30dB.