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There Are A Few Minor Questions That Are Easy To Overlook When Choosing A Soundproof Door
Sep 28, 2017

What kind of soundproof windows can be called qualified products? What time is it easy to ignore when we buy? First of all, in the purchase of the time we should clearly know that this product is divided into several types, each type has any advantages. On the market sales of products, mainly plastic windows and new aluminum window. Plastic window is a little better sealing performance, but also in the sound insulation on the basic ability to meet customer requirements, but the shortcomings also followed, that is, airtight lead to poor air circulation.

The aluminum sound insulation door compared to the role in the sound insulation is also very obvious, with the sealing of the strip and some sealing small parts, sealing effect is also good. And its advantage is that this material products can be processed through a special process, change the color and some shape, you can make no style pattern decoration effect, for some special decoration requirements of the customer is more suitable.

In addition, this soundproof window products in the purchase time can also be appropriate to consider the price factor, the market quality of the product price is generally between 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan range, the general manufacturers of the product prices will not Too low, so when the purchase must be looking for regular manufacturers of products, or life is difficult to achieve the factory description marked the standard.