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Use Of Noise
Sep 28, 2017

Although noise is one of the world's four major public hazards, but it is still useful:

1. Noise weed Scientists have found that different plants are less sensitive to different noise levels. According to this truth, people make noise weed. The noise emitted by this noise weed can germinate the weeds in advance so that we can remove the weeds with the drugs before the crop grows, and ensure the smooth growth of the crops.

2. noise diagnosis of wonderful, sweet music can cure, which is known to everyone. But how can noise be used for medical treatment? Recently, scientists made a laser hearing diagnostic device, which consists of light source, noise generator and computer tester composed of three parts. When used, it first by the micro-noise generator to produce weak short noise, vibration eardrum, and then microcomputer will be based on the echo, the eardrum function data displayed for the doctor to diagnose. It test quickly, will not damage the eardrum, no pain, especially for children to use. In addition, you can also use the noise temperature measurement method to detect the human body lesions. Active noise reduction is usually used in three kinds of noise reduction measures, that is, noise reduction in the sound source, in the process of noise reduction and noise reduction in the human ear, are passive and passive. In order to actively eliminate the noise, people invented the "active silence" of this technology. Its principle is that all sounds consist of a certain spectrum, and if a sound can be found, the spectrum is exactly the same as the noise to be eliminated, but the phase is just the opposite (180 °), and the noise can be completely offset The The key is how to get the noise that offsets the noise. The actual approach is to proceed from the noise source itself and try to reverse the original noise phase through the electronic circuit. From this, the effective silence of this technology is actually "to poison attack."